About us
Asphalt Plants Montage & Dismantling Concrete Plants
  • Seriousness and speed in executing services
  • Performance-oriented company with complete services at European standards
  • Superior level of training of our technicians

TSTC is young and dynamic company, oriented twoards performance, which always knew that the most important criteria that needed to be respected was quality, professionalism and a superior level of technitians’ training. Our company is a family business which developed throughout the years offering for our clients integrated services at european standards, our goal being the consolidation of our market position.

A few of our clients are: AMMANN, MARINI, TEDRUM, SIM, VIBAU, WIRGEN and many others. The principles that guide us in the delivery of our services are seriousness of which we show proof, swiftness in the execution of services and last but not least affordable prices in order that the projects started by with us can be finished.

We wish to thank you for your interest shown twoards the services of our company!

Best regards, Balnus Toader

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