The advantages of using concrete

The advantages of using concrete


One of the most common building materials nowadays, concrete, represents the basic material for modern constructions worldwide, it being used for foundations, paving, walls of buildings, architectural structures, roads, bridges, overpasses. Diversified nature of the components, their combination and dosage, leading to a huge range of types of concrete with different characteristics.

To preserve the quality prescribed and performed, fresh concrete must be transported in conditions that prevent its segregation and that's workability. In addition, laboratory tests should be carried out constantly to check both the quality of component materials (cement, aggregates, additives and water), and on the fresh and hardened concrete. For this reason, we should choose companies with extensive experience in the field who have concrete plant crushing and screening quality.

The main advantages of concrete are:

Economics - concrete is a relatively inexpensive material. For example, a storey structure (home or office), variant concrete cost about twice less than the version with metallic structure.

Versatility - the ability to perform a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The concrete is very well suited to achieving surface elements (plates) and massive (foundations), unlike its main competitors, steel and wood, which is usually done beams. Can achieve such advantageous forms structurally and architecturally, as flat and curved plates. In addition, the dimensions of the elements are not limited by size varieties available in the market (like the mechanical profiles) or or maximal dimensions of transport.

Accessibility. The main component materials (cement, sand, gravel), and mixing equipment, are available for all geographic areas. As concrete steel, it is generally easier to carry than steel structural elements.

Fire resistant. Compared to metallic structures, the concrete have resistance to fire about 1-2 hours, without taking special measures. Concrete structures must withstand fire action and remain standing long enough for the building can be evacuated.

Low maintenance - concrete structures require lower spending levels, especially if you compare them with the metal.


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